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At KRM22, we believe in a world in which organisations operate at their optimal threshold of risk to drive increased returns. We develop outstanding products built and delivered through a Global Risk Platform, to bring increased visibility and lower cost risk management to capital market organisations.


Risk management tools for Capital Markets firms covering Corporate Risk and Trading Risk

Corporate Risk

Take the right risk to deliver strategy

Cut across organisational, technology, data and risk silos to establish a consistent approach to monitoring, measuring, analysing and optimising risk across the entire corporation. Eliminate cumbersome, manual spreadsheet-based tools, embed accountabilities and automate key risk management processes.

Achieve confident, efficient, resilient risk management

Enhance Compliance. Safeguard Markets. Unleash Excellence.

Trading Risk

Take control of the unpredictable

Take a truly holistic view on risk management through integrated processes. Remove the need for interlinking custom code and bespoke technology, obtaining a clear picture in one connected GUI.

Streamline limits management, boost efficiency, and minimize errors effortlessly

Empower trading control with real-time risk analytics and actionable insights.

Screenshot showing the Risk Cockpit assessment functionality

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