During this month, the Risk Cockpit development team have focused on leverage the data within the Risk Cockpit and improving the visualisation of information via dashboards. This work was already on our development roadmap; however, we have also been collaborating closely with a customer who has some demanding and specific dashboard requirements.

Table Widgets

Table Widgets on the Dashboards have been significantly enhanced so that all filtered views from the all Smart Registers, regardless of Item Type, are now available within the Table Widget. Table Widgets can now appear on a dashboard with other existing dashboard widgets. This functionality creates the potential to deliver a range of more visually interesting dashboards with the information presented in multiple formats and styles.

Figure 1 – New Table Widget

Group widget

We have introduced a new Group Widget within our dashboard functionality. This new widget enables related data to be presented, grouped on a dashboard. The group titles are either Ad hoc or automatically generated based on the risk framework structure defined within the Risk Cockpit.

Two early user cases for this functionality include:

  1. From a market risk perspective, one of our customers has used this functionality to present risks and KRIs within exchange groups. They have also used this too show an aggregated view at a regional level.
  2. From an operational risk perspective, a customer has used this to group several KPIs within process groups. Similar process-oriented views have been created by another customer to monitor clearing processes and related SLA risk.
Figure 2 – New Group Widget


This month we introduced one of the most requested features; a notifications ‘inbox’. Alongside the new notifications inbox, we have also expanded our suite of standard notifications.  Further enhancements in this area will come through in July.

Relationship Map

With the newly released Relationship Map functionality, the relationships between items within the risk framework are visualised in an easy to understand diagram. Further enhancements in this area will come through during Q3.

Figure 3 – New Relationship Map