New user Interface and Dashboard Functionalities.

This month we’re excited to announce the release of our new User Interface (UI) and enhanced Dashboard functionality. Find out more about the new features below.

Click Through Functionality

Following your feedback, our team has redesigned the information screen to support the addition of click through functionality. You are now able to easily navigate to any item that is related to the item you are viewing allowing you to investigate related items with ease and readily maintain your risk register. This functionality will greatly benefit all users by saving time and making it easier for managers to gain a complete understanding of the underlying information that influences items in their item register.

Enriched information available in Item Registers

Through the new UI you are now able to view and filter across all details of an item. Additional columns have been added to capture information such as the number of related and child items that roll up to the parent item. Using this new feature, you will be able to filter through data and quickly ascertain answers to questions you might have such as “what are my risks with no controls?” or “which risks have events against them?” This summary information is available across all registers empowering users to understand the relationships in their organisation.

Streamlined Edit Functionality

Registers now offer users the option to go directly to the details tab of an item. Using this functionality users who are maintaining their framework can quickly make changes to an item’s details. This is an alternative to the new overview screens which provide users with a summary of an item’s details and has been implemented to reduce the number of clicks users need make.

Dashboard Widgets for All Item Types & Datahub

Users are now able to add objectives, processes, information assets, system, and initiative widgets to a dashboard. Users can select how the RAG status of the items should be displayed depending on that item’s attributes and underlying metrics. By extending the number of dashboard widgets to support all item types, the user has greater flexibility in depicting their unique Risk Frameworks using easy to understand visuals. Furthermore, we have added the ability for users to incorporate data into their dashboards from the KRM22 Datahub. Combining risk information stored in the Risk Cockpit with the more granular detail stored in Datahub, users can gain a complete understanding of the data driving their risk assessments.

Dashboard Pages & Widget Groups

Following feedback requesting ways to incorporate more information into dashboards, we now allow users to add pages and widget groups to a single dashboard. With this feature users are now able to tell a story across their data sets in an easy to understand, succinct manner. Users can easily navigate to the next or previous page in sequence using the actions at the top of every dashboard. If a user knows the name of the page they wish to navigate to they can use the drop down shown below.

Dashboard Printing

To support the distribution of information it’s now possible to print a dashboards page to PNG. This allows users to quickly share or embed their dashboards into presentations so that critical information can translate easily from managers to board rooms. By clicking the export button in the action bar at the top of a page, seen below the current page will instantly be exported.


The long-awaited return to BOCA is upon us. After almost two years without an in-person event, FIA IDX in London was a huge success and we cannot wait to get back to BOCA with an exciting year ahead. BOCA brings together some of the brightest minds in the industry and provides the opportunity for us all to meet, network with, and learn from colleagues in the field. While we have successfully embraced the virtual working world, nothing can replace the power that comes from in person collaboration and the dynamic engagement that comes from physical events.

So, what can you expect from KRM22 at BOCA?

Ultimately the conference is a time for us to share our important company and product updates. Two years ago, we arrived at BOCA fresh out of the starting gate announcing our Global Risk Platform. We now look forward to showing you how far we have come, where we’ve continued to develop, improve, and enhance our Risk Services to meet the demands of changing markets and deliver best practices to our customers. We also plan to launch the first in a series of new offerings through our partnership with Trading Technologies (TT), an exciting step forward in the KRM22 growth story. Stephen Casner, KRM22 CEO, will be joining Executive Management from TT at their Information Exchange on Tues 17th March to share why the TT / KRM22 partnership makes sense for the industry and what you can expect in the year to come.

Most importantly, we’re looking forward to catching up with long-time friends –feeling connected to our customers and peers and understanding the challenges they face is what motivates us to continue doing what we do. You will find us showing off our golf skills (or trying to) at the FIA Boca Charity golf event, sharing stories and supporting an organisation close to our hearts. Futures for Kids is a fantastic charity, and it gives us great pleasure to support them and all the work they do.

As always, the FIA puts a thought-provoking program together and 2022 promises to be no different. As the flagship event of the industry, it gives us all the opportunity to get a sense of what the next year will hold – I for one, am very excited about what the next year holds for KRM22. Stay tuned!

If you would like to meet any of the team at FIA Boca, please reach out directly to me ( Alice Pocklington our Head of Marketing Communications (

Chinese New Year is the most anticipated festival in the Chinese calendar but is widely celebrated across all of Asia. It’s a chance to start fresh and share in the promise of good things to come – something long sought after following a period where the world grappled with health and economic issues.

I’m not a superstitious person but in a stressful, data-driven era, astrology and the Chinese Zodiac system can provide respite and an alternative way to look at the world.

This year the New Year was celebrated on the 1st February and saw the end of the Year of the Ox, and the start of the Year of the Tiger. Looking back over 2021 it could be said that the world was guided by the Ox’s characteristics. As a symbol of tenacity and perseverance, the Ox possess’ a quiet strength that allows them to push through even the most trying seasons. 2021 saw businesses embark on a steep road to recovery, the opening of travel and rebuilding of social norms. Not without road bumps, the beginning of 2021 was the start of a long journey requiring calm and determination, just like the Ox.

The Tiger, quite aptly, is thought to be a sign of new beginnings – something we must embrace as we rethink business models, social interactions, and industries as we know them. Tigers are thought to be brave, competitive, confident but unpredictable. As 2022 unfolds we are already seeing a great deal of uncertainty; varied responses to COVID, major shifts in policymaking, rising geopolitical tensions are all contributing to market volatility. To succeed we must embrace the characteristics of the Tiger and tackle the year with confidence for the challenges ahead.

At KRM22 we are seizing this opportunity by launching new partnerships, expanding our customer reach, and developing our product offering to meet the challenges of today’s markets. Just like the tiger we are focused on growth and 2022 will see us following our roadmap to continuously develop the Global Risk Platform to serve the capital markets community.

The Year of the Tiger promises to be exciting and one destined for boldness; we wish all our customers, partners, friends and family a very happy year of the Tiger!