Tell us a little bit about your background, where are you from and how did you get here?

I am from Bulgaria, and I came to England in 2017. I studied Biomechanical engineering at King’s College, London, graduating in this year. I joined KRM22 in April 2022 straight after graduating, so am pretty new here still!

What do you do at KRM22?

I play a key role in supporting our clients as an analyst in our customer services team. I am one of the first people customers meet when they have an issue, and I work as a bridge between them and the product teams to make sure everything is working as it should. What I mostly enjoy about the work is that every day is different and there is always something new and exciting to do.

What is it that attracted you to KRM22?

It was obvious how invested the company is in their customers’ wellbeing, where each member of the team resolves issues with care and professionalism. What KRM22 offer as a service was unique to me and I saw this as an opportunity to contribute to an exciting, forward thinking, and fast-paced company.

You joined KRM22 during a fast-changing year, how have you settled in?

I was nervous at first because a new job means new procedures, new office culture and a lot new to learn. Thankfully I have settled in quite well, thanks to the welcoming atmosphere and amazing team. What I highly appreciate and am grateful for is that although I learning the business, I am actively encouraged to contribute to my team. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, I feel accepted and part of the family already.

What do you do outside of work to keep a life balance?

I like mentally challenging activities such as assembling ELEGOO robots. I also enjoy listening to music and podcasts as well as being an avid reader. KRM22 is a very active company and I have recently joined the gym to keep myself fit and improve my mental health.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to over the next year?

I am looking forward to meeting new people, making memories with my family and living new experiences.

Users can now capture additional details on Events, increasing the control they have over events. The new “Remediation” tab on Events allows the capture the root cause, impact and the actions that are taken to remediate any event.

There is also added functionality that allows a user to relate two items of the same type but belong different entities, tying together related risks across the business.

Market Surveillance has been enhanced with improvements to the Ramping and Creation of a Floor/Ceiling alerts


The ramping alert can now look for opposite side trades after the price ramp to check if the trigger participant benefited from the price move. In addition, compliance officers can now restrict the time window after a detected ramp in which to look for an opposite side trade as well as selecting the source or segment on which will trigger.

Creation of Floor/Ceiling V2

The creation of a floor or ceiling pattern is detected by evaluating, over a rolling time window, the increase in relative volume of a market participant over a certain threshold, whilst retaining the price at a certain level, below a specified standard deviation with that rolling time window. When configured with a market data source or segment, the trigger participant’s volumes are compared to the entire market’s trading volume during the rolling window. The alert only triggers when this ratio breaches a user defined threshold.

Limits Manager

Our Limits Manager software now allows administrative users to whitelist and customize user views based on their preferences. This provides the two main benefits of preventing users from submitting limits on undesired limit attributes, and an enhanced user experience.

At Trade

At Trade has released the ability for FX margin parameters, enabling customers who carry currency pairs to apply margin parameters for both a Gross and Net Margin percentage based on time bucket.

Post Trade Risk

Post Trade Risk now includes enhanced what-if functionality. Users can amend positions, prices, and volatility surfaces for the ability to properly value hypothetical trades and potential new business

New Pump and Dump alert

Pump and dump is a scheme that attempts to boost the price of a security through misleading and exaggerated statements. After driving up the price of a security, the perpetrators of this scheme will reverse their positions at a higher price than the security was when they purchased it. Trash and Cash is the reverse pattern, pushing down a security, buying low and selling high, once the price has normalised.

Our new Pump and Dump/Trash and Cash alert will be a day analytics with no inter-day lookbacks focusing primarily on Equity and ETD markets. After receiving feedback from several clients, we have made significant improvements to the underlying alert logic, including referencing market data to further weed out false positives.

The new alert detects any significant increase in market volumes and then checks for significant market price increase/decrease from the previous intervals. Users can control both these parameters with customised thresholds.

The alert then checks for Buy and Sell trades prior to the detected interval by the same participant and calculates net Buy (Pump)/Sell (Trash) positions. These net positions are then cross checked with their closing positions in the ‘dump’ or ‘cash’ period to see if there was any potential profit made. These net positions are also used to check if these trades were significant enough to move the market.