Trend Information Available on Risk

Trend information is available on Risks showing users how their level of risk has changed since the last time that the risk was assessed. This is available in registers allowing organizations to easily identify risks that have increased.

Quantification of Events

When logging events users are now able to capture and report on the value lost or the potential loss associated with a given risk event. This allows users to justify their risk assessments and understand the capital they should keep in reserves for a given risk.

Capturing Interdependence of Tasks

Tasks can now be related to different items in your Risk Framework, allowing firms to understand how the tasks in one part of their business impact different business functions.

Related Item Dashboards

As part of the user defined dashboards users are able to create lists of items and the items that are related. An example of this is seeing all the risks and the events related to those risks in one screen. Making it easier for users to create management reports.

Related Item Filtering

As part of the related item lists users are able to filter on a related item. Allowing them to understand for example all risks that are related to a given system.