Another Huge Step Out of Covid | Industry Conferences are Back!

KRM22 was able to participate in the Futures Industry Association’s IDX Conference at the Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster London this week.  Another “key moment in COVID history” as we start to put our COVID related challenges behind us and start interacting with clients and industry experts in person!  

The event provided quite a bit of validation of KRM22’s key initiatives. There were key sessions on each area of risk that we help our clients manage every day.  Not quite sure why, but just listening and sharing “in-person” feels so much better than the daily video sessions we have had the past year.  

One session that we thought stood out was when David Best (UBS), Jason Wright (Barclays), Chris Topple (Euronext), Carl Slesser (NASDAQ), Dr Christian Voight (EUREX) and Gordon Ball (CITI) spoke on a panel about Pre-Trade Limit Monitoring. They outlined the need for a collaborative approach from vendors, participants and exchanges to simplify the landscape in managing trade execution services through limit monitoring. They described how FIA is looking to lead changes via an industry working group to establish “next generation” trade execution services.  

This confirmed that KRM22’s new Pre-Trade risk service for limit monitoring is coming to market at just the right time.  And our new initiatives for data normalization of limit names across exchanges and trading systems that will produce “Borrow and Share” features in our Market Risk system will keep our product at the forefront of the needs of the industry for years to come.  

As comforting confirmation of key initiatives can be, being able to once again discuss our industry’s changing requirements in person seems like yet another big step forward in unleashing our “Covid chains”.   

While we did learn that we were able to stay on top of all the industry requires while operating virtually, getting back together in person just felt great.  

We look forward to seeing everyone at FIA Chicago in just a few weeks!    

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