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Risk Manager November 2022

KRM22 Risk Manager within the TT environment: KRM22 Risk Manager available to customers on the TT platform. The sophisticated real-time post-trade risk service significantly enhances the risk toolset available through TT’s growing ecosystem for futures commission merchants (FCMs), brokers and traders. The product’s risk scoring system will help users instantly assess real-time margin and liquidity, […]

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Trading Risk October 2022

Our Trading Risk suite has been enhanced across the board. The Limits Manager functionality now allows temporary account creation to satisfy place holder accounts for onboarding customers before they go live. This allows for the onboarding process of new accounts to still be captured within the system including the audit trail. We have also put […]

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Trading Risk September 2022

Limits Manager Our Limits Manager software now allows administrative users to whitelist and customize user views based on their preferences. This provides the two main benefits of preventing users from submitting limits on undesired limit attributes, and an enhanced user experience. At Trade At Trade has released the ability for FX margin parameters, enabling customers […]


Trading Risk August 2021

KRM22 continues to develop, improve, and enhance our Trading Risk offerings. It was once said “The market waits for no one….” Our risk services are continually evolving to meet the demands of changing markets and to deliver the “best practices” of market risk management. The bullet points listed below highlight some of the recent updates […]

Limits Manager July 2021

KRM22’s Limits Manager application offers a central location to administer Limits Manager limits to Exchange trading applications and Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s), eliminating the need to interact with each application on an individual basis. Consolidating communication across teams and reconciling limit information into one place, allows KRM22’s Limits Manager Limit application to provide a complete […]