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Crypto looks broken – but is it here to stay anyway?

Extreme volatility and Bitcoin price points that dropped below “safe” support level of $20,000 last week made headlines around the world.  But wild price swings are nothing new in the crypto world, and whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, digital assets can no longer be ignored. In a report published earlier this year by […]

KRM22 celebrates four years of delivering Risk as Alpha

The 30th of April 2022 marks four years since KRM22 was listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market. As we reach this anniversary it is a natural time to reflect on the challenges we have faced, milestones achieved and the opportunities that lie ahead. In just four years we have acquired and integrated four […]

FIA Boca wrap-up: The headlines

The Futures Industry just concluded it’s 47th International meeting in Boca Raton, Florida, with over 1,000 delegates in attendance and despite global impacts of the on-going tragedy in Ukraine, we are coming away with a clear sense this industry is due for some compelling challenges and major changes ahead.   TT/KRM22 announcement – We had […]

Another Huge Step Out of Covid | Industry Conferences are Back!

KRM22 was able to participate in the Futures Industry Association’s IDX Conference at the Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster London this week.  Another “key moment in COVID history” as we start to put our COVID related challenges behind us and start interacting with clients and industry experts in person!   The event provided quite a […]

How New Technology Solutions Can Impact Team Morale

The buying process for technology solutions at major banks and asset managers has changed considerably over the past few decades.  Two factors have been instrumental in driving these changes. The first change we have seen is the implementation of standardised procurement processes that were refined in business processes like Six Sigma. These processes leverage a […]


CME Span 2 | Coming to a Margin Report Near You!

The CME’s SPAN 2 margin methodology is going through testing and should begin to be implemented later this year.  The new margin methodology is not only a significant change to how margin is currently calculated but is being deployed as an “evolutionary” change rather than a “revolutionary” change. The new margin rules are intended to […]

Managing Risk From Home

Last week, I received my American Airlines AAdvantage Frequent Flier statement. The airline was nice enough to let me know that after averaging flying 148,709 miles each year over the past ten years, I have traveled 0 miles on 0 trips in the past twelve months. No business trips, no holiday travel, no family get-togethers. […]