FIA Boca wrap-up: The headlines

The Futures Industry just concluded it’s 47th International meeting in Boca Raton, Florida, with over 1,000 delegates in attendance and despite global impacts of the on-going tragedy in Ukraine, we are coming away with a clear sense this industry is due for some compelling challenges and major changes ahead.  

TT/KRM22 announcement – We had the pleasure of officially announcing the first products available under the new Trading Technologies and KRM22 distribution agreement. The second quarter of 2022 will see TT launch KRM22 Limits Manager within the TT SaaS platform, giving end users new pre-trade risk functionality in a “frictionless” deployment.  The news was met with overwhelming excitement with over 5 major firms in discussion with us already about this new opportunity.  

We also announced that KRM22 Risk Manager will be available on the TT “eco-system” in Q3 – this system will revolutionize how traders manage risk.  It provides a new risk scoring system that combines P& L, Liquidity and Stress functions into one ratio that will allow traders to create alpha while running the perfect level of risk for their book.

Exchange leaders panel – As always, the Exchange Leaders panel was a real highlight, and it was a bit scary to hear no matter how prepared our major market operators are for unexpected events new actions like the suspension of nickel trading can send shockwaves around the world and throughout the markets. With current volatility surges, managing risk has become even more instrumental to maintaining market stability and it’s encouraging to know that KRM22 is positioned to help our clients navigate through these unprecedented times.

Steve Sparkes FIA Hall of Fame – Special mention goes to KRM22 non-executive board member Steve Sparkes, who joins more than 160 business leaders inducted into the FIA Futures Hall of Fame. Founded in 2005, the Futures Hall of Fame recognizes people which have provided the leadership and support necessary to keep the industry growing, and we are honored to have Steve as part of the KRM22 team.

Crypto is the Future of Futures – There was no doubt that this year at FIA Boca was the year digital assets took center stage and it looks like they will dominate this industry for years to come.  While talk of the decentralized web, new DOAs and Web 3.0 still left many of us collectively scratching our heads trying to figure out if we are supposed to know what any of that means, every major institutional presenter and regulator laid out specific plans on how these types of assets are changing the futures industry today.

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