Keeping up with regulation by enhancing the Marking the Close alert

While we already have a “Marking the Close” alert which monitors closing period activity, the new Closing Lookout Alert is a powerful enhancement to our trade surveillance platform, offering users additional flexibility to calibrate the monitoring of the trading activity during the closing period of a market.

Key Features

Customizable Time Periods: Users can customize the closing, pre-closing, and post-closing periods according to their specific requirements. This flexibility allows for tailored monitoring based on individual market dynamics.

24/7 Coverage for Crypto Markets: In recognition of the continuous nature of cryptocurrency markets, our Closing Lookout Alert supports crypto markets by enabling users to select a proxy closing time, ensuring effective surveillance of crypto ETFs.

Regulatory Context

Our Closing Lookout Alert aligns with regulatory guidelines set forth in Regulation (EU) No 596/2014, also known as the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), ensuring our customers meet compliance requirements. This alert directly addresses the practices outlined in MAR, including:

Concentrated Trading: Monitoring of trading activity during the closing period to detect any abnormal concentration of trades.

Price Movements: Observing price movements in conjunction with trading volume to identify potential manipulative behavior.

The Closing Lookout Alert exemplifies our dedication to innovation and regulatory compliance, providing an essential tool for detecting and deterring market abuse. With the introduction of Digital Asset ETFs trading in January 2024, our customers are equiped with the ability to monitor trading actrivity during the closing period, safeguarding fair and orderly markets.


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