KRM22 at FIA Expo Chicago

FIA EXPO returned to Chicago in 2022 with a new look at The Sheraton Grand Riverwalk Hotel. As always, the event was an excellent way to reconnect with customers, friends, and colleagues across the industry just prior to the Holiday Season.

As is befitting of this event, KRM22 attended with a contingent from our US and UK offices. It was great to be able to get real-time feedback on some of our new plans, and we had many stimulating discussions throughout the event

Spurred on by the announcement that the KRM22 Risk Manager was available to TT customers, many of the conversations were about how KRM22 is realizing its vision of the Global Risk Platform being the single stop shop for trading and corporate risk. It was fantastic to have discussions around how to use all of the risk data held within the KRM22 services our customers leverage. Over the week, we encountered a range of user cases, from Tier one banks wanting to monitor their client’s activity, to individual proprietary traders wanting to ensure they understood their available margin.

Looking at the example of the KRM22 Risk Manager, not only will TT customers will receive Exchange Margin Calculations for SPAN and non-SPAN Margin for the first time, but it complements the KRM22 Limits Manager which was launched at FIA BOCA in March this year.

Traders and risk managers using TT’s services can now not only manage and approve pre-trade limits across a variety of ISVs and Exchanges, but also deliver exchange margin and stress calculations through the click of a button. Users can view start-of-day (SOD) and intraday margin calculations and stress results that update with each position change. SOD and intraday margin calculations include Initial Margin, Maintenance Margin, Net Option Value (NOV), Credit Allowance/Margin Ratio and Margin Risk Score. KRM22 Risk Manager will also provide a “Worst Case” 3 Sdev stress analysis on SOD and Intraday positions by account with detail to the product level

All of this functionality is also available to non-TT customers directly through KRM22. To find out more read our announcement of the launch of KRM22 Risk Manager on TT or contact us directly.

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