Market Surveillance April 2022

This month we have enriched the available data across Alerts and Case Management to give users greater insight and flexibility when analysing activity. We have also expanded the available data sets that can be exported to support better reporting of business intelligence.

Alert Details report now enriched with the “Conclusion” field

The Alert details report is a widely used feature and lets users extract a detailed reporting of alerts broken down by type, trader, security, instrument type and so on. Following customer feedback, we have now added the “conclusion” field to this report. The conclusion field contains the comments of the analyst who closed the alert and is quite important in determining why the alert was closed and maintaining a proper audit trail.

Additional Categories within the Alert & Cases Status and Classification dropdowns

We have added additional options to our alerts and case status drop-down menus. Additionally, we have made these drop-down choices customisable giving the users more flexibility when it comes to their case management workflows.

Data View – Export DailyTotals

Users can now export the data in the Daily Totals window. The daily totals button in DataView brings up a box which displays message totals by count, volume and value. This summary can provide helpful insight into trading activity, for example, showing lists for the top 10 securities/brokers/clients/traders by count, volume and value, and can be used to provide important business intelligence to management.

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration of the new features please reach out to Rishav@krm.22.com.

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