Market Surveillance June 2022

KRM22 is pleased to announce the release of its new Market Intelligence (MI) Dashboards for its Market Surveillance tool which will be available to all KRM22 Surveillance customers on the Global Risk Platform. The Dashboards are designed to present important surveillance KPIs in a single place, share insights with c-level executives in an effective way, and allow the management to make quick and data-driven decisions based on real-time information.

The information gained will empower senior compliance staff and managers to get a clearer picture of their surveillance operations, identify trends, determine what kind of KPI management improvements are needed, and generate actionable insights across their surveillance program. We have prepared 2 standard management dashboard templates that can be used to further develop more personalized dashboards suited to our client’s specific business needs.

The Alerts Dashboard gives an overview of alerts raised in the last business day broken down by Alert type (Insider Trading, spoofing etc) in a pie-chart alongside a trending line chart for preceding week which quickly allows customers to capture any suspicious trends arising in trading behaviour. Users can also drill down into alerts to identify the players that triggered them and the instruments they triggered on.

The Participant Dashboard gives a high-level summary of the alert activity of market participants including Traders, Accounts, Clients and others. A trending line chart of your top 10 Accounts/Traders can quickly help identify consistent suspicious behavior by certain individuals and help management keep a keener eye on such individuals.

We believe that these dashboards, can not only help catch market abuse, but also help prevent it by picking up on unusual patterns. Putting clear, actionable information into the hands of senior compliance staff and management.

If you wish to know more about how to get access to these dashboards, please get in touch with Rishav Bose (rishav@krm22.com) or Dan Carter (dan@krm22.com).

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