Market Surveillance September 2021

Our Market Surveillance solution includes 50 Market Abuse and Operational alerts. Alerts have been carefully designed with algorithms and rules to improve the effectiveness of the suspicious trading alerts generated.

In the latest release, we have invested heavily in evolving and providing additional functionality to our order book replay and trade reconstruction, known as the “Order View” module within the KRM22 Market Surveillance application. The “Order View” enhancements provide even further context and indicators to users when investigating potential cases of market abuse.

The key additions are as follows:

  • Additional data fields and history for each order being “replayed” in the sequence to provide an even greater level of detail and understanding of the events being investigated.
  • Incorporation of level 2 market data alongside level 1 market data and the flexibility to configure the relevant levels of market depth required for the “replay” on a per playback basis.

The above features significantly enhance the “Order View” functionality within the application allowing users to configure a custom level of market depth relevant to their investigation, based on liquidity at the time, instrument or client etc along with providing more data points for each order to be able to easily identify the orders owner and what the intentions behind that order could have been by being able to view the full lifecycle of the order in one view.

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