KRM22 plc (AIM: KRM), the technology and software investment company, with a particular focus on risk management in capital markets, announces that they have launched access to the Market Abuse Centre online training programmes through its Global Risk Platform.

KRM22 has signed a partnership agreement with Dutch online training firm Entrima to make its online training portal, the Market Abuse Centre, available to buy through the Global Risk Platform. The three training programmes available are SMCR, Market Abuse and Financial Crime, addressing the FCA mandated training which firms are required to provide to individuals within their organisation on an annual basis.

Jerry de Leeuw, CEO at Entrima, comments, “Providing online training through an on-demand model is a new way for firms to address mandatory FCA training requirements. Traditional class-room based learning requires significant time investment. We have worked with industry experts to develop premium content, delivered in a simple and interactive way. Each of our training programmes includes a suite of assessment-based courses with certificates issued upon successful completion. This enables firms to demonstrate the required level of competency to regulators.”

Keith Todd, CEO at KRM22, comments, “The number of FCA regulations mandating that firms provide effective training to their staff is increasing, including the extended scope of SMCR, which affects a further 48,000 firms. We have launched the Market Abuse Centre’s on-demand training programmes through our Global Risk Platform to provide an efficient and cost-effective way for firms to comply with the FCA requirements.”

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Carla Leighton, Marketing Manager
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About us:
We help capital markets companies reduce the cost and complexity of risk management.
Our Global Risk Platform provides applications to help you address your firm’s regulatory, market, technology and operations risk challenges and to manage your entire enterprise risk profile.
Partner with us to optimise risk management systems and processes, improving profitability and expanding opportunities to increase portfolio returns by leveraging risk as alpha.
KRM22 is a public Group listed on AIM and headquartered in London, with offices in several of the world’s major financial centres.
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About the Market Abuse Centre:
The Market Abuse Centre (MAC) is a proven online platform with a growing client base for Market Abuse training which is highly regarded in the commodities energy markets and now extended to other capital market firms and other training products. Training programmes have been designed and developed by industry experts with extensive Compliance and Financial Trading experience. The MAC provides a centralised training platform to a firm for all of its SMCR, Market Abuse and Financial Crime regulatory compliance training requirements covering the broader area of Conduct Risk. The MAC provides a single database of records to a firm. This is important for managing training records efficiently and for sharing with regulators. Each online training programme includes customised content, videos and downloadable documents. All courses are assessment based with an examination and certificate issued by the MAC.

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