Risk Cockpit April 2022

This month the focus has been on improving the user experience of the dashboards by making them more interactive. We have done this by introducing dashboard edit mode, enhancing, and adding filtering to table widgets and by adding tool tips. In doing so, we believe that you will be able to better combine your raw data with information stored in the Risk Cockpit.

1. Dashboard Edit Mode

We received feedback that users were accidentally making changes to their dashboard. To prevent this, we have introduced edit mode to dashboards. You no longer need to worry about accidentally moving a widget when you are using one of your dashboards. When your dashboard is locked you will be able to use the new filtering functionality that we have added to table widgets.

2. Filtering of Item List and Data Hub Table widgets on dashboard

As the use of our new Data Hub Table functionality has increased, we noticed users often wanted to filter their data as part of an investigation into the context around a given Metric or Risk. To support this, we have enhanced our filtering functionality and added filtering to Table Widgets. Users can now add two filters to a single column and have more filter options for text fields. This filtering functionality is now available on both Item List Widgets and Data Hub Table Widgets. You can use the filters when your dashboard is not in edit mode.

3. Tool Tips

With the addition of the description field to registers and taking into consideration limited on screen space we have added tool tips to all text fields. Text fields in registers, table widgets and analytical grids now support tool tips.

4. Enhanced export to all available columns

All data that is available in the new Risk Cockpit Register can now be exported. When using the cloud export button in registers all records with the selected columns and filters will be exported to excel.

Other Features and Fixes:

  1. Item closing & re-opening
  1. Date field formatting
  1. Widget group fixes
  1. Description field added to registers
  1. Metric Value in Grouping
  1. Sorting of Fields Such as Risk Severity
  1. Active Field Filtering Fixed

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration of the new features please reach out to Niklas@krm22.com

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