Risk Cockpit June 2022

Our Risk Cockpit has added enhanced dashboarding functionality. Risk Cockpit users have key data points that they want to integrate to their risk register and other contextual data. To bring this contextual data to life we have added the ability for users to create both pie and line charts with any data that is stored within KRM22’s Datahub. When users navigate to one of their dashboards and add a new widget they now have the option to add a datahub chart.

This will result in the below pop up appearing. In this pop-up users can:

1.     Select the data source for which they want to create a datahub widget for

2.     Select a virtual view (which we often use to provide historical views on underlying data)

3.     Group and do basic summarisations of data where users can move from data that does not work in visualisations to data that does

4.     Select the type of visualisation that they would like to use.

Other New Features released this month include:

Relationship Map Enhancements

– Ability to expand to parent items

– Ability to use on entities

Permission Editing Enhancements

If you wish to know more about how to get access to these new features, please get in touch with Niklas Wolfe (niklas@krm22.com) or Dan Carter (dan@krm22.com).

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