Risk Cockpit March 2022

We are excited to announce new features that have been released during March, with a focus on enhancing users’ ability to maintain their risk framework. This builds on the click through functionality and enhanced data access that were leased last month.

Kanban functionality for Initiatives and Tasks

Over the past 6months we have seen an increase in the use of Initiatives and Tasks within the Risk Cockpit. Customers are using the initiatives register to capture risk remediation efforts, and tasks to track recurring “check list” items; we therefore worked towards providing a more efficient way to maintain the status of tasks and initiatives, with the addition of Kanban functionality to both. This new feature allows users to visualise and easily change the status of items, ensuring that their data is accurate. Users can configure the Kanban board to only show the stages that are relevant to them in that moment.

Relationship Tab Enhancements

Users are now able to see all the potential relationships that an item can have in the item type carousel, this can also be used to filter the relationships that are shown. With the new grouping functionality users can group the related items by item type or by the accountable user for those items.

Enhance Parent Item and Related Item selector

To streamline the creation of new relationships including multiple items with the same name we have enhanced the parent item and related item selector. The improved selector has information on the items code and the parent item – this allows users to ensure that they are selecting the correct item.

Dashboard Parent Item Widget RAG Status

Dashboards now support parent item widgets, allowing users to group widgets based on their parent item. This helps users to better understand both the RAG status of the child items, and the RAG status of the parent item. For example, users can add a Risk parent item widget with all the KRI’s that feed that risk. Users can specify the RAG status that a parent item widget should use, for example with the residual severity. This provides users with a visual representation of the child item RAG status that aligns with their parent item.

Minor changes/fixes

1.     Enhancements to Info Screen layout

2.     Metric Value filtering

3.     Page counts and item counts

4.     Change of minimum widget size

5.     10,000 rows in Analytical Grid Virtual views

For more details about any of these new enhancements or to request a demo please contact: niklas@krm22.com

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