Risk Cockpit May 2022

This month the Risk Cockpit Development effort has been focused on improving the Risk Assessment user experience. We have enhanced this functionality by reducing the number of clicks a user needs to do and making it possible for a user to see related details when doing a risk assessment.

When users navigate to the Risk Assessment tab within the Risk Cockpit, they will see a screen where they can:

  1. Quickly complete a Risk Assessment for the current period
  1. View both the number and score of related items
  1. Drill down into related items that they are interested in.
  1. View past assessment slots

Leveraging these pieces of functionality users can complete an informed Risk Assessment quickly. Every time a user completes a risk assessment in the Risk Cockpit, they will be presented with this information nudging users to investigate.

When a user clicks on one of the related item counts users can to see the details of the related items. Users can easily see when the item was last updated for all item types making it easy for them to determine if something has changed since their last Risk Assessment. Additionally, if a user clicks on one of the related items the info screen for that item will open, allowing users to investigate further.

Other New Features:

  • Task Recurrence
  • Created by and last updated by information available on Info Screen
  • Enhance Initiative progress visual in registers
  • Ability to navigate to the Assessment tab on Risks by clicking on the Assessment Status and Residual severity field in registers.

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration of the new features, please reach out to Niklas@krm22.com

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