Enterprise RM

Take the right risks.

Manage your firm’s risk management profile across the enterprise.

Enterprise RM is designed to support the growing trend of Enterprise Risk Management, which looks at a firm’s entire risk profile across Regulatory RM, Market RM, Technology RM and Operations RM.

All businesses face a range of uncertainties, and the challenge for executives is to determine how much uncertainty to accept as they seek to grow stakeholder value. With uncertainty, there is both risk and opportunity, with the potential to damage or enhance value.  A holistic and systematic ERM approach, and clear visibility of your firm’s risk profile in real-time, enables you to take the right risks and the right amount of risk to achieve your firm’s objectives.

Enterprise RM will cover 8 core ERM components:


Diagnostics provides deep dive into the systems used and associated costs, to uncover ways to reduce your firm’s Total Risk Cost.

Risk Cockpit

The Risk Cockpit provides integrated risk management spanning the regulatory, market, technology and operational risk domains.

Risk Monitoring

We will provide tools to further extend the Risk Cockpit through in-depth monitoring and controls, risk event capturing and management in real-time, and risk and control task tracking.

Risk Measurement

We will offer tools to extend the Risk Cockpit by building risk-orientated data-sets through a suite of indicators, utilising risk and control self-assessments (RCSA).

Risk Management

We will provide tools to extend the risk cockpit by managing risk in the context of business outcomes, to focus on driving value creation.


We will provide tools to leverage the data that is captured to create and further understand the uncertainties that exist within enterprise-wide strategic and operational decision-making.

Risk Appetite

We will provide tools to track and measure your risk appetite to further extend insights within the Risk Cockpit.

Risk Culture

A company’s risk culture should appropriately support risk awareness, behaviours and judgements about risk-taking within a strong risk governance framework.

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