Risk Cockpit

Monitor risk in real-time.

Real-time, integrated risk management across all risk domains.

KRM22 Risk Cockpit provides integrated risk management spanning the regulatory, market, technology and operational risk domains, providing fast and effective ways to define and monitor risks, controls, events and actions, and an at-a-glance summary of your risk profile, events and action status, in real-time.

Enterprise Risk Management – the best practice of managing risk holistically, across multiple, and increasingly correlated risk domains – is a big data problem, being tackled by most firms with manual human processes and “small data” technologies such as Excel and PowerPoint.  The results are often slower-than-required response times, high complexity, and elevated cost.

The KRM22 Risk Cockpit is a straightforward and effective way to implement enterprise risk management that can be implemented quickly and economically.  It enables firms to gain greater risk management clarity and control and deliver better information for decision making, while lowering total risk cost.


Smart Register

  • Simple, fast and effective tool for defining and monitoring risks, controls, events and actions


  • At-a-glance summary of risk profile, event and action status
  • Powerful search engine enables users to launch queries to create highly specific, custom dashboards

Data Visualisation

  • Kanban board visualises key actions by status
  • Timeline board visualises a timeline of events and actions


  • CLARITY: Increase clarity into your overall risk profile
  • CERTAINTY: Increase certainty into your risk-based decision making
  • COST: Reduce your total risk management cost
  • CULTURE: Foster a real-time, risk-based decision making culture that embraces risk as alpha

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