Technology RM

Launching soon...

Our Technology RM offering is targeted to be launched in Q1 2019.

Technology RM will include a deep dive multi-year structured diagnostic health check of your technology risk management through an ITIL compliant framework.

We will provide access to best practice tools through partnerships accessible through the GRP:


We will provide tools to detect data exposures, leaked credentials and malware attacks, whilst monitoring estate vulnerabilities to prevent future cyber attacks.


We will provide tools to manage the health of your firm’s network to reduce unplanned interruptions to business services.

Data Centre

We will provide tools to help you successfully manage risk associated with your data center.


We will provide tools that allow you to mitigate the impact of events by ensuring that your firm’s IT environment and data is easily restored.


We will provide tools to help you manage the rapidly increasing amount of data your firm now processes and stores.


We will provide tools to help you manage your firm’s software estate.


We will provide the tools and resources to help you effectively support your organisation’s IT support processes and teams.


We will provide tools and resources to help facilitate the installation and application of ITIL compliant processes.

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