Turning Up the Heat | Operating in Extreme Weather

During July, the United Kingdom and our other locals around the world saw the highest ever temperatures recorded. The UK peaked at temperatures of 40.3C (104.5F). Ina country more accustomed to low 30sC (high 80sF), this presented incredible challenges.

Simple tasks were made more significantly more complex due to extreme conditions – the train lines, roads and runways started to melt, houses would trap the heat as they are not air conditioned and have insulation designed for cold winters, people unused to experiencing this heat would seek new and dangerous ways of cooling off and for the first time in living memory, scrub fires became a significant risk putting fire crews at their limit.

At KRM22, we have been monitoring the potential effects of extreme weather since we were founded. Our operating policies and procedures have allowed us to mitigate the risks, absorbing the impact and continue operating smoothly.

With these kinds of weather events becoming more and more extreme, KRM22 is committed to making sure we operate in a responsible and healthy manner.  

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