What does the Year of the Tiger have in store for you?

Chinese New Year is the most anticipated festival in the Chinese calendar but is widely celebrated across all of Asia. It’s a chance to start fresh and share in the promise of good things to come – something long sought after following a period where the world grappled with health and economic issues.

I’m not a superstitious person but in a stressful, data-driven era, astrology and the Chinese Zodiac system can provide respite and an alternative way to look at the world.

This year the New Year was celebrated on the 1st February and saw the end of the Year of the Ox, and the start of the Year of the Tiger. Looking back over 2021 it could be said that the world was guided by the Ox’s characteristics. As a symbol of tenacity and perseverance, the Ox possess’ a quiet strength that allows them to push through even the most trying seasons. 2021 saw businesses embark on a steep road to recovery, the opening of travel and rebuilding of social norms. Not without road bumps, the beginning of 2021 was the start of a long journey requiring calm and determination, just like the Ox.

The Tiger, quite aptly, is thought to be a sign of new beginnings – something we must embrace as we rethink business models, social interactions, and industries as we know them. Tigers are thought to be brave, competitive, confident but unpredictable. As 2022 unfolds we are already seeing a great deal of uncertainty; varied responses to COVID, major shifts in policymaking, rising geopolitical tensions are all contributing to market volatility. To succeed we must embrace the characteristics of the Tiger and tackle the year with confidence for the challenges ahead.

At KRM22 we are seizing this opportunity by launching new partnerships, expanding our customer reach, and developing our product offering to meet the challenges of today’s markets. Just like the tiger we are focused on growth and 2022 will see us following our roadmap to continuously develop the Global Risk Platform to serve the capital markets community.

The Year of the Tiger promises to be exciting and one destined for boldness; we wish all our customers, partners, friends and family a very happy year of the Tiger!

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