Whistleblowing Policy

What is whistleblowing

You’re a whistleblower if you report certain types of wrongdoing.

The wrongdoing you disclose is usually in the public interest. This means it must affect others, e.g. our stakeholders.  However we also encourage our staff and stakeholders to raise concerns through the channels indicated below if they observe behavior that goes against the general conduct that the company expects.



KRM22’s policy is that staff and others should be able to raise matters of concern confidentially, or anonymously where local law allows.


KRM22 will treat all such disclosures in a confidential and sensitive manner.

Anonymous Allegations

This policy encourages individuals to put their name to any disclosures they make. Concerns expressed anonymously are much less credible, but they may be considered at the discretion of the Company.  In exercising this discretion, the factors to be taken into account will include:

  • The seriousness of the issues raised
  • The credibility of the concern
  • The likelihood of confirming the allegation from attributable sources

You can raise your concern at any time about an incident that happened in the past, is happening now, or you believe will happen in the near future.

Making a complaint

These two emails are directly forwarded as stated below:

The Investigation

KRM22 has internal policies for the investigation and are committed to ensuring all concerns are dealt with thoroughly, with an independent view and in a timely manner.